I knew it was going to be a fun day today when the safety brief was given by David Bowman! He did such a great job I think he should do the briefings from now on. On a serious note I think it is a measure of the man who can step up when asked. With Tom away it was left to Jack to run proceedings today and I think he did a brilliant job, which was made easier by having great people to work with. A few people stepped up today…. Jack, running the games, Dave, always trusted to be a great example, Nathan, helping Jack all day, and all the players who made the day a very enjoyable one. It was a real pleasure to host today and I thank everyone for their contribution to the day and for having the right attitude. I genuinely feel that we are making new friends who like to play airsoft how it should be played, fairly, with respect, with humour and with spirit. Great day today.
Jack, Will, Jane, Zoe. (and Dave)

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