It was warmish, dry….and guess what…..windy!
Once again we were forced to run a day which was more CQB.
We had a mixture of regular,new and younger players who all got stuck in and produced some brilliant airsoft.
When playing CQB the speed and tension can make it very difficult to marshal and mistakes can be made. Playing CQB airsoft can be one step away from an all out fight! Tempers can get frayed and disputes can spoil the day. We are blessed with regular players who play fairly and responsibly so we very rarely have any issues.
Our mixture of players today showed great sportsmanship and made our job much easier. They should all be proud of the way they went about their airsoft and all of us at NAA were delighted to host players with the right attitude. We enjoyed today very much and we thank you all for your support.


Daz, Jane, Zoe, Will, Jack and Tom

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