Wow! Just watched the gameday headcam video. If you have ever been shouted at by Tom or Jack I am sure this video will help you to understand why. These two lads live and breathe airsoft and their speed, skill and sheer enjoyment jumps out of your screen and drags you in, wanting more. Their commitment is total and, being young lads, they expect everyone else to play the same. On two occasions on Sunday they were both ordered to sit out by Daz to recover and re-hydrate, their exhaustion plainly obvious.
Is there another site where the owners put that much effort into the day? On Sunday evenings when the van is unloaded and the kit is stashed we play back the video footage. Tom and Jack always worry how the day was for the players and playing back the hours of footage gives them an insight into the players reactions. I may be biased but, as their dad, I am very proud of the way they have dedicated themselves to producing a first class airsoft venue and, as the headcams show, they have done it with bravery and some style. We love heroes at NAA.

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