Northern Alliance Airsoft is a family run site on the edge of Dishforth Airfield in North Yorkshire. During WWII the site was part of Bomber Command’s efforts to attack Germany’s homelands. Today the site offers exceptional airsoft possibilities with a mixture of urban and CQB areas. We have developed a style of gameplay which utilises the features of the site to produce some of the most intense, adrenalin fuelled airsoft available.

We have on our staff our very own urban and CQB specialist, Daz, who has 28 years military service behind him, including some years as a FIBUA instructor at Catterick Garrison. Our other staff principles, Tom, Jack and Mark, although relatively young players, have all been airsofting for over 6 years and have trained with elite forces instructors and serving frontline personnel. They are also senior Dan grade martial artists and bring the ethos of being combative but respectful to your opponent to the airsoft battlefield.

Our mission is to promote fair play whilst encouraging fast, heroic and ultimately FUN airsoft.
We welcome experienced and inexperienced players alike and offer training and advice to new players.

We are UKARA registered and fully insured.

Participating in a game day at N.A.A. takes playing Call of Duty and Medal of Honor etc. to another level. The fear of being hunted, the tactical attack, the all-out CQB shoot out, grenade attack, room clearing, sniping, the long range kill – it’s all here at Northern Alliance Airsoft.

At the end of gameplay our players are exhausted, both mentally and physically. They retire to HQ with stories of great battles, personal duels and of friendships forged in the heat of action.

All new players are absorbed by the banter and enthusiasm of the regular players and they soon become part of the community of friendly airsofters. The experience of sharing a day with like-minded people at a first class airsoft site is one that will not be forgotten quickly, if ever.

For more information, or to book a place on one of our game days, please email or ring 01845 406006.